Grind & Seal

Grind and Seal is an alternative to the traditional polished concrete system. Using a Diamond Grinder to expose the existing stone and then applying a topical coating to seal the floor.

A number of options are available for coatings depending on the desired finish required by the customer. This would include using Epoxy and Urethanes or a combination of both.

Each product will give a variation in the finished application from a glass finish with depth to a satin finish keeping the natural colour of the substrate or giving a darker wet look to the finish.

This system ensures a fully sealed and impervious, easy to clean finish that offers a decorative long-term flooring solution and alternative to the traditional polished system or carpet and tiles.

Slip-resistant mediums can be used if required.

Hyper Flake:

A newly released option to this system if our Hyper Flake System, if your concrete is not suitable for grinding or you are wanting a consistent finish to the floor then Hyper Flake is the solution.

This is a 5 coat Epoxy based Flake system with a high-end finish.

Both of these systems are suitable for Residential and Commercial applications.